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"Sometimes things just happen we cannot

understand or explain."

It could be the loss of a job you didn't see coming, a major illness, the betrayal of a mate, or the loss of a loved one; all can be devastating. Any of these events can turn our lives upside down, not to mention experiencing them all at once. In a single day, life can completely change and leave us feeling off-balanced, overwhelmed, and totally out of control. "Why did this happen to me? "Why did this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this?" From many perspectives, we may believe life is not fair. But is it? 


The Incredible Journey of a Life describes what happens when the unbearable pain of adversity collides with the raw emotions brought upon by fear, anger, and the perceived abandonment by God. This book could bring a more profound perspective to some of the unresolved feelings you may have experienced. At the same time, it:


  • reveals pathways for not just surviving adversity but thriving in life;

  • provides tools and strategies for building your faith, resilience, confidence, and wisdom; 

  • lists practical steps that could reveal your purpose, leading to an exciting breakthrough that successfully transforms your life. 


The Incredible Journey of a Life may not be for everyone, but it could be exactly what you need during uncertain times.

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The Book
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