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"A sincere and poignant collection of written expressions that takes the reader on an unexpected journey of a life. Mr. LeMons has skillfully encapsulated life’s tragedies, triumphs, reconciliations and transformations that occur within life’s journey.”

Dr. T. Aaron, College Administrator 

“An amazing and insightful collection of writings that are written in the key of now. Steven LeMons has masterfully created an expressive and emotional collection of biographical life-stories that are truly relevant today. I highly recommend it for anyone who has ever struggled, faced adversity, or wrestled with the ups and downs of life.”

D. Williams, Medical Technician

"Steven LeMons' book ’The Incredible Journey of a Life’ is very engaging and hard to stop once you begin reading it! The introduction was extremely helpful in preparing the reader for what is come. The book takes one through his own personal real-life experiences of highs and lows. It is a roller coaster ride of plunges and deep pain, to the highs of euphoria as it curves around the bends and dips of emotions and inner thoughts that for most of us go unspoken."


"Steven LeMons writes in such a truthful, sophisticated, eloquent, and genuine way that is impossible to deny that we all share these same emotions and thoughts at various points in our own lives. Steven LeMons’ book reads like a modern-day 'Book of Psalms', and his words ring out like king David’s. It provides the reader with answers that give the assurance, and dare I say insurance, that God is still with them even at their very worse.   I loved every minute of reading it! This should be a must-read for all!" 

C. Bates, Team Lead, Paralegal

"Wow! Passionate and powerful. I found myself being brought to tears, yet I had to continue reading. It’s great to know that faith really works and the good guy still can win.”

                                                                                                  E. Michaels, Sales Manager

"Have you ever started on a journey by putting the destination in your GPS, then once you start on the journey you begin to wonder why you are going a certain way, why are you on this highway? Steven LeMons’ “The Incredible Journey of a Life” takes us on a journey that has many twists and turns along with detours, flat tires, dead batteries, and the air conditioning going out."

"We’ve all had things go wrong while we are traveling to our destination. Steven guides you through the journey with hope, grace, and faith. He shows you that recharging the battery (faith) will keep you moving. Now, put your seatbelt on because the journey is going to get bumpy."

M. Johns, College Professor, Blogger

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