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I am excited to share these sample pages and descriptions from

The Incredible Journey of a Life. Surviving life's challenges is a struggle; however, each of these excerpts represents a portion of the rich and inspiring content you will find within the pages of this book.

What happens when life happens? What happens when in one minute everything is going great; when without warning, reality rears its ugly head and turns your life upside down? What will you do?

living out.png

For many, falling in love can be a life-long dream. Finding our endless love or soul-mate is something we all desire. But what happens when our dream appears to be fulfilled, only upon further observation we discover

that it comes with strings attached?


When lifting weight, each pound an athlete lifts over time makes them stronger. The same holds true in life when we face adversity. In reality, the challenges we face in life are similar to lifting weight. Although we sometimes would like to avoid it, It is the weight of life that stretches and builds strength, ultimately equipping us to better manage our lives.


Do you really know who you are? Where is your confidence, your mojo, your do-it-to-it fluid? Have you lost it, or have you ever had it? Wanna find out if you've got game?

Check this out.


Many of us have faced the unpleasant experience of being fired from a job. Regardless of whether it is called 'being let go, riffed, laid-off, or just plain fired,' the event can either be devastating or an opportunity for a new life.


Life is full of surprises and golden nuggets to grow on. We can learn valuable lessons from the smallest of things; a billboard, a missed bus, playing a board game, or playing with a child. The key is to see these nuggets as opportunities for growth and the added value they bring to your life.

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