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Sometimes things happen to us we cannot understand or explain. A job loss you didn’t see coming; a major illness, the betrayal of a mate; or the loss of a loved one, can all be devastating. Any one of these events can turn our lives upside down, not to mention experiencing all of them at once. In a single day, life can completely change and leave us feeling off-balanced, overwhelmed, and totally out of control. “Why did this happen to me? If God is such a kind and loving God, how could He allow such a thing?” From many perspectives, we may believe life is not fair. But is it?


The Incredible Journey of a Life describes what happens when a soul experiencing the unbearable pain of adversity collides with the raw and negative emotions brought upon by fear, anger, perceived abandonment by God, and the uncertainty of a life in distress. While many of these writings are beautifully and passionately crafted, others are wildly provocative, emotional, and intensely thought-provoking. However, they draw readers into the gut-wrenching heartache and overwhelming loneliness being felt as a spirit slowly and insightfully works through adversity.


Finally, for many of us, the pandemic forever changed our lives. This book helps bring perspective to numerous unresolved feelings you may have experienced resulting from a Covid journey. At the same time, it:

  • reveals pathways for not just surviving adversity but thriving in life;
  • provides tools and strategies for building your faith, resilience, confidence, and wisdom;
  • lists practical steps that could reveal your purpose, leading to an exciting breakthrough that successfully transforms your life.

The Incredible Journey of a Life may not be for everyone, but during these uncertain times, it could be exactly what you need.


The Incredible Journey of a Life

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